Registry errors are bad news and it’s often the main reason why a computer is slow or behaves erratic. If you haven’t cleaned up your computer in a long time or if a virus or a spyware have infected your system, the registry can be clogged up with unneeded files or you could face big problems having a registry virus. It’s of huge importance that you find out what’s going on because having to reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows could mean you lose important files and programs. But if you start to fix registry problems, your computer will soon return to its normal condition.

Without a registry cleaner, it’s almost impossible to fix registry errors. Finding the right registry folder and deleting the right registry key is not easy and without the right skills, it’s a very bad idea. The registry works as a database that stores configuration of the Windows operating system. Device drivers, hardware drivers, third party applications and Windows services all make use of the registry, and if the wrong folder is removed or something critical happens to the registry, the whole Windows system could be shut down. Using a registry cleaner will prevent these things from happening.

Where To Find The Right Registry Cleaner?

Finding a reliable registry cleaner may seem like a hard thing, but I will try my best to give you good tips. There are a large number of free registry cleaners and premium tools that have a couple of free features but you must upgrade to get access to the full version. So far, I have not used a free registry cleaner that can provide satisfying results.  Usually a free tool just scrapes the surface, it removes a couple of temporary internet files, delete unneeded items such as photos and videos in Windows folders and it provides a nice looking report when finished. If you have real speed issues or errors, you need a tool that can dive deep into your system configuration and take care of things.

I have been testing and reviewing a lot of software’s over the years but many software’s have been either too complicated to use or providing too poor results. I never waste my time writing bad reviews so I leave a large number of software’s away from my site.  When it comes to registry cleaners, there are a couple of tools I can recommend. These are the top registry cleaners in my list:

  1. RegCure Pro.

RegCure Pro is a registry cleaner but I like to call it an all-in-one solution for a slow PC. It has many features that can optimize PC speed and scan, repair and remove registry errors. RegCure Pro also removes malware such as Trojans and Spyware and improves startup times and removes helper objects in your browser to improve its performance. RegCure Pro is very easy to use and the step-by-step guidance makes even the most inexperienced computer user able to clean the registry without any problems. RegCure Pro is an advanced tool, yet everyone can use it.

  1. RegClean Pro.

RegClean Pro is a registry cleaner that takes care of registry errors and system errors. It takes care of many Windows problems that makes the computer slow or gives it a bad performance.  If you ever have experienced ActiveX errors, startup errors or BSOD’s (Blue Screen of Death), RegClean Pro can make those errors disappear. RegClean Pro doesn’t have a lot of features, but it works very well anyway. Systweak is the company behind RegClean Pro and they also promote an advanced system optimizer and that might be the reason why they don’t include more optimizing tools in RegClean Pro.

  1. Registry Wizard.

I stumble upon Registry Wizard when I bought a software program a couple of years ago. It’s a PC optimizer and a registry cleaner and it works ok.  It’s easy to navigate through the program’s menu and it’s possible to backup the registry before you start a cleanup process. Registry Wizard can also remove browser errors and JavaScript errors and optimize startup programs. It’s totally safe to use Registry Wizard and I find this tool very similar to RegClean Pro but I personally like the RegClean Pro interface better. It’s not a question about the performance only about personal taste.

Why Is RegCure Pro Top of the List?

I like the malware removal function in RegCure Pro and that’s the main reason why it climbs to the top of my list. I use that function as a complimentary tool to my regular antivirus program and its updated regularly to protect against new malware. I also like the tool feature that includes a process manager, a startup manager, a file manager, a BHO manager (Browser Helper Objects) and a defrag manager. It’s easy to navigate and find the right functions in RegCure Pro and once the schedule is set to scan the registry on a regular basis, registry errors and other problems will be eliminated automatically. You can read more about RegCure Pro here, or download it free and test it right away.

About Fix Registry!

I created Fix Registry to review registry cleaners only, but it has now become more of a computer blog and I write about everything that is related to PC’s and Windows operating systems. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and I found out that the main reason why a computer is not performing as it should is either registry errors or malware. Many programs promise a lot but I know that many programs turns out to be useless or in some cases pure scams. Every tool I write about is tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 on different computers over time.

There is a lot of things happening right now in the technology and computer industry. Faster and better hardware are being released and new applications are popping up every day. The use of Smartphone’s and Tablets are rising, and so is cyber crime. That’s why I am planning to write more about Android and not only Windows in the future. If you need tips or help to improve your computer, you can visit the Fix Registry Blog and please comment if you want to add something to the discussion, and thank you for stopping by!

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