Windows Won’t Boot

Windows bootA computer is a very important part of our lives today. We use it for a lot of different things like watching movies, playing games, socialize, working and much more. If you for some reason can’t start your computer, you could get big problems and you could even feel depressed. Windows is a complex operating system, and many things can go wrong. Usually it’s pretty easy to fix Windows problems, but there are also more complicated problems, like when Windows won’t boot.

How To Fix Windows Boot Problems?

If you can’t start your computer you need to check your power cord first. If you can’t start your computer at all, the problem is most likely the power cord. But if you can start your computer and Windows won’t boot, you will get different fail messages. If Windows can’t find your hard disk, it’s possible that your hard disk is broken or there is a corruption in the Windows operating system. Always check the hard disk cables and if you can, take out the disk and try it in another computer.

If your hard disk is broken, you need to contact a computer hardware technician to be able to retrieve your data. But usually the problem is in the Windows itself, and to fix Windows boot problems, you need a boot disc. You can use the Windows installation disc but a boot disc got more troubleshooting features, and if you can’t use your Windows disc, you will need a boot disc or a recovery disc. You can get a free boot CD at

If you have lost your Windows installation disc, you can get a Windows recovery disc at, you have to pay a small fee because Windows won’t let them provide free recovery discs anymore, but the price is under $10, so it’s not a big deal.

A very common problem when it comes to the Windows boot problem is when bootmgr is missing. If the “BOOTMGR is missing” error message is displayed on your screen right after startup, you must use a recovery disc to fix it. Bootmgr errors can happen if you have a misconfiguration or upgrade failure inside Windows or corrupted hard disk sectors. It’s pretty easy to solve this problem, and watch the Video below, and you get a step by step tutorial on how to fix bootmgr.

If you think that you have a virus or a malware on your computer that causes boot problems, you need to run Windows in safe mode and then start your virus program and running a scan. It’s important to run Windows in safe mode because the chances are low that malware could run in safe mode.

You should always backup important files on an external hard disk. It’s always a good idea to secure your data from a hardware crash. If you need fast access to important documents and files on your computer, you must use some type of backup. It could be a disaster if you run an online business or work from home, and you can’t get access to your files. Use a backup and then you can fix the boot problems without feeling stressed or depressed.

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  1. kari at 5:01 pm #

    I went to system discs after reading this article. I was at a point that windows would not boot. I had only the option for start up repair or run windows normally and neither option worked for me. I downloaded the windows 7 repair on another computer. The instructions were clear and in the email confirmation it even provided a link for a burner to create the repair disc. I am a computer novice when it comes to issues like this, but within 15 min I was up and running again. I simply rebooted , presses F2, choose my dvd to boot first in order and the disc did the rest. I was impressed and would highly recommend this before taking it for a repair. Once I was online again I was able to troubleshoot the rest.

    • Eric at 9:21 pm #

      Great news Kari. Thanks for your tips.

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