Why Does My Computer Freeze?

A computer that randomly freezes is very annoying and could give you a lot of problems if you are working on something important and you haven’t saved your work. A computer that behaves this bad, need to be fixed before something big happens that could cost you money you don’t want to spend on computer problems. When a computer freezes, you can’t use your mouse or keyboard and you have to reboot your computer so you can use it again.

Computer Freeze

A computer that freezes on a regular basis need to be fixed, and before you call an expensive computer technician, you can troubleshoot your computer by yourself. There are many things that can cause your computer to freeze, such as a bad hardware, not enough system resources, a program that is corrupt or you got problems with the Windows registry settings. It may sound really difficult to know where to start, but you don’t need to become a computer expert to locate problems and then learn how to fix them.

Check Your Hardware!

A good start is to check if you got any external hardware devices, such as a hard disk or other USB devices that freezes your system when they are plugged in or switch on. If that is the case, you need to check the hardware manufactures’s website for new drivers and install them to fix the bugs that causes your system to freeze. If your system freezes when you use a certain software program, you need to go to the software developer’s website and check for new drivers and install them. You may have to uninstall and then reinstall the software program, to replace files and settings that are damaged and corrupted.

Check Your Computer Memory!

If you have an old computer, you might overwhelm your computer’s memory or the processor can’t handle all the requests, and that can lead to a computer freeze. If your computer freezes when you run complex programs, playing a game that need’s a lot of resources or when you handle big files, you need to make sure you don’t have any other programs that runs in the background that are using system resources. You must have enough free memory and space if you want to avoid a system freeze. Avoid using a lot of programs at the same time or open many large files simultaneously. If you have to use a lot of resources, then you need to upgrade your computer hardware.

Check The Windows Registry!

Windows issues can also make your computer freeze. Registry errors or corrupted or and damaged Windows files are very common when you get these kind of problems. You can try to run the System restore module and roll back Windows to an earlier point in time, or use a registry repair software than will scan and fix registry issues.

As always, a virus or malware can also make your computer freeze and give you a lot of more problems. Make sure you have the right computer security tools installed and updated with the latest functions.

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