What Makes A Computer Slow?

Problems with the computer speed is a very common issue and almost every computer user have experienced or will experience it. Usually it’s pretty easy to locate and fix these problems, but sometimes it takes a bit more time, patience and knowledge to fix it. Many people think that more RAM or a hardware upgrade will fix the speed problem, but it’s more likely that the problem is having to do with Windows or the operating system you use and other software related things and not hardware.

Speed Up My Computer

Why Is My Computer Slow?

If your hard drive is full with software programs and large files, it will slow down your computer speed. The best way to get a faster computer is to use the Windows disk defragmenter tool and the disk cleanup tool. These free tools organize your files so your computer can load them faster, and also remove unnecessary files. You should also remove unneeded software programs and files or move them to an external storage device. Keep at least 20% of your hard drive space free for optimal performance.

If your hard drive is fine, then it’s usually a problem with the Windows registry. Even the most experienced computer user can get registry errors, and to fix invalid and unnecessary registry entries the best way is to use a registry cleaner. Registry errors occur when an incompatible software program is installed or when an uninstallation process goes wrong and even a Windows update can cause an error. Every system update that changes the system configuration and settings can give a registry entry error, that’s why it’s important to maintain the registry with a cleanup regularly.

Malware such as Viruses, Trojans and Spyware can slow down your computer speed. A Spyware is usually not responsible for the slow down, but it can open the door to more aggressive Malware which could give your computer system a lot of trouble. A Virus can duplicate itself and infect many files and use so much CPU and memory resources that your computer get’s very slow. An antivirus program and a Spyware removal tool are a very good idea to use if your computer is connected to the internet, otherwise you expose your computer for many risks.

How To Speed Up My Computer?

The best way to maintain a good computer speed is to prevent speed problems from happening. Computer maintenance is important, and it’s not difficult at all to do. If you are using a laptop with a limited amount of RAM and hard drive space, you should not install too many unneeded software programs and files. Windows using a folder called Winsxs to store software versions, and this folder can grow to very large size over time, if you have a limited amount of space to start with, the Winsxs folder can become a great storage problem.

A hardware upgrade is usually not necessary, so don’t waste money buying more RAM and a new CPU. If you have system problems, you should try to clean up clutter, temporary files, internet files and other resource hungry files first. If you are unsure on how to remove files and optimize your computer, you could use a tool like TuneUp Utilities which is an all-in-one computer maintenance solution.

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  1. Peter at 2:20 am #

    It may be easier to just a software to do regular cleanup and tuneup. It can be quite a time saving.

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