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Smartphone AntivirusLike a normal desktop or laptop computer, a Smartphone is also connected to the internet, often 24/7. There is no difference between mobile surfing and computer surfing, because in reality, a Smartphone is also a computer. It got an operating system, memory, storage and a processor, the same as a normal personal computer. But when it comes to protecting a Smartphone against malware and spyware, the normal computer user got a much higher level of security than a Smartphone user. Many people still think that a mobile phone is different than a computer and they never think about mobile phone security or mobile phone antivirus programs, but at the same time, they would never connect their desktop computer to the internet without an antivirus program installed.

Antivirus for Mobile Phones!

Hackers and Spyware developers are following the development of the android operating system and are constantly looking for ways to hack other Smartphone users’ phones and steal information or cause other damage. Even in the android marketplace, you can come across these malicious android apps. Google is constantly removing malicious apps from the marketplace but at the same time, new malicious apps are posted, so it’s a never ending battle. When you are browsing the android market, you should avoid apps that got suspicious names like mass Submitters, Sexy smiles, delete contacts etc. With a little common sense and an antivirus program installed, you should have good protected against malicious apps.

Don’t take a Smartphone antivirus lightly because if you get malware on your device, you could get massive problems. A malicious app can replicate itself and infect other apps in your Smartphone, it can send messages to services that cost you money, it can send infected emails to your friends and family and spy on your passwords and if you are using a payment app, you could get a lot of trouble. There are some simple steps you can follow if you want to minimize the risk of exposing your Smartphone to malicious apps. Always double check the developers behind the app you are going to install and check the popularity. An app with millions of downloads are most likely 100% safe to install.

There are more things you can do to prevent other people to access and use your Smartphone if you miss place it or lose it. You can configure your Smartphone so it will delete all information after a certain number of failed attempts to unlock your phone. This is a great function but remember to backup your information before you configure your phone. Many android Smartphones will lock itself if it’s not used for some time, this is a great function to keep your Smartphone secure, so don’t switch it off. A Smartphone is a very personal device, so it could be a personal disaster if you lose it and the wrong hands get access to all your information.

Well, there are many ways to protect your phone from physical intruders, but invisible intruders lurking in the digital world are harder to protect your Smartphone against. There are good antivirus programs available for Smartphones and
Kaspersky Mobile Security 9
is a good alternative you can use to protect your Smartphone against Viruses, Trojans and Spyware. There are many Smartphone security developers available right now and the number is rising as Smartphones getting more and more popular.

The best way to secure yourself from Smartphone hackers is to treat your phone the same way as you treat your normal computer. Install an antivirus program and make sure you done all the safety measures you can to prevent your information from getting into the hands of hackers and thieves. It’s not hard to find a Smartphone antivirus program today, so get one before you get any problems.

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