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When a computer is having problems and the speed is going down, you can usually find the problem in the registry. The Windows registry is a database that stores settings and options and as long as you install, update and download files and programs, the registry is also updated. Even a Windows update can cause errors in the registry, so it’s a good idea to clean and backup the registry on a regular basis. To maintain the registry manually is pretty complicated but with a registry cleaner, a total computer newbie can manage it. Let’s check out Registry Wizard.

Registry Wizard

Registry Wizard Review!

Registry Wizard is a neat little program developed by Inc, a company that has over 20 years of experience in the PC optimization industry. When choosing a registry cleaner, it’s very important to know which company that has developed it. To download a registry cleaner from an unknown source is a really bad idea, because the registry is a vital part of Windows, and if it get’s damaged, Windows might stop working and you risk losing important settings and programs.

Is Registry Wizard Safe?

Registry Wizard is safe to use, and you can use the backup feature to secure the registry, which makes it possible to reverse any changes made if you want to. Registry Wizard is listed at many of the top download provider sites such as Softpedia, CNET and Softalizer. A software that is harmful or doesn’t work properly will never be listed on these big download provider sites. You can always use the support ticket system if you have any technical or other questions.

Does Registry Wizard Work?

Registry Wizard is very easy to use and I had no problem installing it on my Windows 7 computer. The clean up process is straight forward, and the program tells you what to do. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to backup the registry because Registry Wizard will tell you to do a backup before it starts any repair process. Registry Wizard helps to keep the registry healthy but that’s not all it does. It’s more of all-in-one repair and optimization tool which also optimize startup programs, repair system freezing errors, ActiveX problems and much more. Below are my recent scanning and repair report:

The Scanning Report:

Registry Wizard Scan

Backup The Registry:

Registry Wizard Registry Backup

The Repair Report:

Registry Wizard Repair Report

My PC Health After The Repair Process:

Registry Wizard PC Health Report

Registry Wizard did a good job removing unnecessary and corrupted registry entries. 99% PC health is a good result and my computer is running fine without any errors. A tool that shows 10 000 errors and a 100% success after scan and repair are almost too good to be true, and if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true. If you have system errors such as screen freezing, sudden and random reboots, the system is crashing or your computer is slow, then Registry Wizard is a tool you should consider trying.

There are many more features available, including a system monitor tool which keeps track of registry entries and detect and log any changes. The registry defragmentation tool remove gaps in the registry and rebuilds the data structure which improves the computer performance. You can also use the custom scan feature which let you choose the areas you want to check. The backup, scan, repair and defragmentation process was completed in under 5 minutes, so for speed, Registry Wizard is very good. You can download Registry Wizard free here!

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