Password Protect Folders With Doc Lock – A Doc Lock Review

Protecting your files and folders against identity thieves or from other curious eyes is easy. With Doc Lock protection, you can password protect your folders and set your mind at ease. In this modern world, we store everything on our PC, laptop or other portable devices which include personal files, financial files and account details etc. You never know if you will lose a USB-drive or forget to shut down your laptop so other people can get access to your stuff, but with a folder locker no one will ever get a chance to access your data without the right password.

How Does Doc Lock Work?

Doc LockDoc Lock is very simple to use but still very powerful with strong security features. Once Doc Lock is installed, just follow the “Getting started” screen and you will be able to start protecting your files and folders immediately. If you know how to drag and drop files and use a keyboard and a mouse, you can use Doc Lock. There’s no need to read FAQ’s or guides to get started, it’s so straightforward that anyone can use Doc Lock right away. If you are looking for a complicated software that takes hours to learn, then maybe Doc Lock isn’t the right choice for you.

Why Should I Use Doc Lock?

Anyone who uses a computer store sensitive information somewhere, even if you don’t think a photo, an email or a personal document needs protection, in the wrong hands, you never know what’s going to happen. If you use a computer that many people got access to, you might want to hide some information from them. It could be a family computer, a school computer or a business computer. With Doc Lock you can stop other people from erasing, watching and copying your files.

A Couple of Features!

To lock and unlock files is very easy. You can right click on the file and choose which Doc Lock option you want to use or just drag and drop the file into the Doc Lock program. Another very nice option is the conceal passwords in photos feature, which mean that you can hide a password in a JPEG picture, and when you try to open a file, Doc Lock will ask you which picture has the hidden password inside before you can open it. You can also use the docLock secure delete feature to completely remove a file and make it unrecoverable, which is great if you are going to give away or sell a computer.

My Take on Doc Lock!

I don’t want other people to see what I have in my computer, and I don’t want my wife to get access to everything that I store in secret places. That’s why I stumbled upon Doc Lock and decided to give it a try. I like it because it works so well and it is convenient to set passwords and easy to use. Other software’s I have tried using a lot of storage space, are complicated to use and cost too much. If you want to password protect your files and folders, grab your own copy of Doc Lock or download a free trial so you can check it out yourself.

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