How To Upgrade My PC

To replace old PC parts is a very good idea, if you want to give your old PC a new life. It’s not necessary to buy a new computer each time a graphic update or a new game is available. You can save money by only replacing or adding the parts that’s needed to improve your PC performance. Everyone can replace hardware parts and you don’t have to visit a computer technician to get the right hardware versions and to get it installed.

A software can fix problems with drivers and the operating system, but if the hardware is old, you need to replace it, if the software you are using can’t fix the PC speed or graphic issues etc. Before you decide to buy improved hardware parts, you should check everything inside your PC that could lead to a poor performance. A virus can make your PC slow and a hard disk that is almost full can decrease the file and program loading speed. If you got problems with Windows, no hardware upgrade will help.

PC Upgrade Parts

Do I Need More RAM?

RAM means Random Access Memory and it measures how much data the computer can handle at the same time. If your PC has too little RAM, you could get problems when multiple programs are running. But before you buy more RAM, you need to know if you really need more. If you run a 32-bit operating system, more than 4GB of RAM will not give you any benefits. Open up the “Control Panel” and click on “System and Security” and then click the “System” link. You can now see if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system. If you run a 64-bit system, 8GB of DDR3 RAM is enough.

Should I get a better CPU?

The CPU, or Central Processing Unit is the computer’s brain. The processor tells your computer what to do and exactly when doing it, it decides which tasks that’s important and prioritizes them to make your computer run smoothly. To get a processor with more MHz can be a good idea, but if you have trouble when playing a game or doing other graphic tasks, it’s a better idea to focus on a better graphic card than on a new processor. But if your computer is a couple of years old, a new processor is something to consider. Remember that you often have to get a new motherboard and RAM when you change the processor.

Is a SSD Disk Worth It?

Yes, if you want speed you should focus on a SSD disk when you upgrade your PC. An SSD disk cost more money but if you have patience and can wait, the prices on SSD disk will drop pretty fast. If your budget is tight, you can buy a traditional mechanical HDD, but make sure it’s a 7200 RPM disk and not a 5400 RPM disk. Many people get fast DDR3 RAM and a better and faster CPU but still have an old and slow hard disk which slows down everything. Some say that the computer is not faster than its slowest part, which sound right but I don’t know if it’s true.

Check For Upgrade Packages!

If you are seriously planning to upgrade your PC, look for upgrade packages at online computer shops and check which parts they include, to see if you can get a better price by fixing your own package. An upgrade package usually includes a motherboard, RAM and CPU. If you have a pretty new computer, you should focus on a better graphic card and a SSD disk to get a better computer performance. Replacing different computer parts inside a PC is easy and cost-effective.

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