How To Transfer Files To New Computer

Buying a new computer is often a very funny thing, but to transfer files and programs is not that fun. A new computer usually has a bigger hard drive or even a SSD drive which is faster than an old HDD drive, and you will get a better computer experience with a faster computer. When you buy a new computer you can save a lot of time if you are able to move your files, programs and settings automatically, because if you already have a lot of files and programs you want to use on your new computer, then it’s a good idea to use them and not buying new programs.

If you decide to build a new computer, you don’t want to use your old hard drive as your main system disk, but there’s a better solution available that let you keep all your files, programs and settings intact when you move your entire computer system to a new computer. If you want to move your old files and programs, you can use PC Mover which is a program that let you transfer everything on your old computer to your new computer with a couple of clicks. Using PC Mover, you can start using your new computer instantly after the transfer is complete.

What Is PC Mover?

PC MoverPC Mover is a program developed by Laplink. Laplink is a company that was founded in 1983 and is the market leader when it comes to PC migration software’s. PC Mover is also a gold ISV member of the Microsoft partner network, and Microsoft has actually invested in Laplink which is a testimonial that not many software companies have. Laplink is trusted by over 15 million users and business, and there is no other PC migration company that can compete with Laplink’s PC Mover program.

How Does PC Mover Work?

There are a couple of different versions of PC Mover, but for most people I think that PC Mover Professional is the best option. It’s a very easy software to use, just install PC Mover Professional on your old and new computer, use the click through wizard to choose which transfer you want to do and that’s it. Your new computer will get exactly the same functions and personal settings as your old computer, you never have to reinstall programs and change settings if you use PC Mover Professional.

Why Should I Use PC Mover Professional?

To migration your old computer to your new computer manually takes a long time, and you can easily get problems and miss stuff. If your old hard drive is starting to behave erratic or you don’t trust it anymore because it’s very old, then it’s a great idea to use PC Mover to transfer your entire system to a new hard drive. One thing that is good to know is that you can’t transfer your old computer if your new computer has an older Windows version. You can’t move 7 to XP, but you can move XP to 7. Usually, we never downgrade to an older version anyway.

Using PC Mover is safe and it will save you a lot of time moving your old configurations and programs to your new computer. If you want to learn more about PC Mover, check out PC Mover Professional at the official website.

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