How To Recover Files From A Corrupted Hard Drive

When a hard drive stops working, it’s easy to panic because most of us have a lot of personal and business files stored in our computer’s. But there are ways to recover files from a corrupted or formatted hard drive, and before you pick up the phone and call an expensive computer service, you should try to troubleshoot your hard drive yourself. By yourself, I mean using a data recovery software because fixing a corrupted hard drive manually requires a lot of skills, and if you are an average computer user like me, you don’t have the time or patience to educate yourself.

Corrupted Hard Drive

How To Troubleshoot A Corrupted Hard Drive!

Before you start looking for a data recovery tool, you should inspect your hard drive for damage. Remove the hard drive from your computer and remember to use an anti-static wrist strap when you dealing with computer hardware parts. If you move the hard drive slowly and gently from side to side and you can hear the sound of lose metallic parts, the hard drive is broken and there’s nothing you can do but to contact a computer service. But if the hard drive sounds ok, you can try to change the cable and move the connection to a different slot.

Ports on your motherboard or in a PCI card can be broken, and to be sure if that’s the case, you can test your hard drive using an external hard drive or placing it in another computer. When you have checked everything you can, and if the hard drive is not broken but corrupted, it’s time to start looking for a data recovery software. If the hard drive is broken, you should take it to a computer service because no software’s in the world can repair hardware parts.

Data Recovery Software’s!

If you have lost data because of a virus infection, a software crash or if you formatted your hard drive before doing a backup, you can try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. This software can help you recover data up to 1Gb and might be useful for USB drives and other smaller storage units. For bigger hard drives, it’s better to try the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional free trial.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an advanced software that can recover files from many different storage units. If you have lost data due to an unexpected power failure, a hard disk or system crash, after accidental format or if you want to recover accidentally deleted files, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can help you out. EaseUS got more features including a free file repair service, so if you really need to recover lost files, don’t wait because a file will not recover itself on its own.

You should always replace a hard drive that’s having errors and crashes randomly. It’s a very bad idea to keep using a bad hard drive because taking it to a computer service is expensive, but if you have to take it to a computer service you must know if the files are worth rescuing because buying a new hard drive is often much cheaper than hiring a computer service.

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