How To Make Your Computer Work Better

If your computer is getting old, it takes forever to start Windows and its performance is very slow, then it’s time for an upgrade. But don’t run to the computer store and buy a brand-new computer, you can save some money and extend your computer’s life with some easy improvements. If one part in your computer is outdated or damaged, it’s unnecessary to change all your computer parts. It’s much cheaper to upgrade and improve your computer, and if you haven’t done it before, you will experience how fun and rewarding it is to improve your own computer.

My Computer Works Better

How To Make Your Computer Work Faster?

If your computer is having a problem with Windows or software programs, you can try to update drivers and clean the registry. If you have a virus or many errors that makes Windows very bad, you should backup your most precious files and reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows, that will give you a clean computer system. But if your computer is a couple of years old, you might have to upgrade some hardware parts too, to increase the speed. It’s not difficult to add or remove hardware parts inside your computer, but you need to take appropriate actions before you start such as wearing an anti-static wrist strap and using no force.

Adding more RAM to your computer is an easy way to improve your computer speed. More RAM means more room for software programs to run, and increasing your RAM from 2GB to 4Gb can really improve your computer performance. Before you buy more RAM, make sure you know which Windows version you run because XP, Vista and Windows 7 32-bit versions can’t address more than 4GB of RAM, so adding more is just a waste of money. The 64-bit version can handle up to 8GB of RAM and adding more will not give your computer any benefits.

You can install Windows on an SSD drive, to improve access speed. An SSD drive is different from a HDD drive and have no moving parts, it works similar like a USB flash drive. If you have a laptop, it’s not a bad idea to install an SSD drive because they use less energy than a traditional HDD drive. It cost a bit more and if you are going to use your hard drive to store a large amount of data, then it’s a better idea to buy a HDD drive.

Many people don’t clean their computer very often, and if you computer is full of dust, it can make your computer very hot, which will have a bad impact on your computer’s performance. If your computer’s power supply is too weak to handle all your hardware, it will also have a bad effect on your computer speed. A good thing to keep in mind is to never buy a power supply under 600 Watt, it’s much better to have too much power than too little power.

An Easy Way To Keep Your Computer Work Better!

If you have managed to make your computer work better, it’s also a good idea to keep it that way. Don’t install unneeded programs or use your main hard drive as a storage unit, more files and more programs mean more changes in the Windows settings, in the registry and in the DLL library. It’s easy to maintain your computer, just clean the registry on a regular basis, clean your computer at least twice a year and use common sense when you browse the internet.

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