How To Fix ActiveX Errors

An ActiveX control is a small software that Windows use when you browse the internet with Explorer or use interactive programs over the internet. Other browsers such as Firefox don’t use ActiveX controls, but you need to think about it anyway. ActiveX is used to get a better browser experience and to allow animation and help you with security updates. Many computer users who browse the internet with Explorer think that their internet connection is slow, but sometimes the slow speed is caused by corrupted or misconfigurated ActiveX controls.


How To Avoid ActiveX Problems!

Some websites will ask you to download ActiveX controls so that you can view everything properly, but before you download anything, you must make sure that the website is well known and legit. Cyber criminals are creating their own ActiveX controls and if you are not careful, these ActiveX viruses can seriously damage your computer. Internet Explorer will ask you if you want to download and install ActiveX controls, and if you are unsure don’t install anything.

To make sure that Explorer don’t download and install ActiveX controls automatically, you need to check the Internet Options in Explorer. Click on the Security tab and then on the button that say’s Custom level. Scroll down to the ActiveX section and mark “prompt” under every option except “Script Active X controls marked safe for scripting” and “Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins”. This can help to avoid malicious ActiveX controls from entering your computer system.

How To Fix ActiveX Controls!

You will know if you get ActiveX errors because a pop up window will appear when you browse the internet, usually because your security settings is prohibited to run ActiveX controls or you have blocked ActiveX controls from running on that particular website, maybe without you knowing it. It is important to fix ActiveX errors because if you use Explorer or other interactive programs that use ActiveX controls, security updates can fail and your computer might get vulnerable against viruses.

To fix ActiveX control errors, you can use a Windows optimizer tool like Speedy PC Pro, that can detect and repair ActiveX errors. Invalid or corrupted registry entries are often the cause behind ActiveX errors and also other errors that make a computer behave erratic and slow. If you are not familiar with repairing registry entries manually, it’s a very bad idea to do it. If the registry is damaged, you have serious problems because Windows will stop working. So if you want to prevent any mistakes and to fix ActiveX errors fast and easy, using Speedy PC Pro is not a bad idea.

You can avoid many ActiveX problems if you use Firefox or other browsers that don’t need ActiveX controls to function properly, but you are not totally safe because other applications like antivirus programs and Windows Media Player uses ActiveX controls too. If you get an ActiveX error, you should scan your computer immediately with your antivirus program because you could have an intruder planning trouble on your computer. To keep your computer error free, you should do a computer maintenance regularly. If you want to get more info about a good tool that can help you out, check out our Speedy PC Pro review.

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