How To Find Missing Drivers

A PC driver is a small software that tells your operating system to connect to hardware devices such as printers and external hard disks etc. If you got corrupted drivers or older drivers, your computer doesn’t know how to connect with the hardware and you can’t print or back up your documents or listen to music and watch movies. A common driver problem is missing drivers. Drivers can go missing for many reasons like a failed Windows update or hardware failure. To find missing drivers are usually not a big problem, check out our guide below to learn more.

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How To Find Missing PC Drivers!

1. You can use Windows update to try to find and update your drivers. Go to Start – All Programs – Windows Update. Click on the check for updates link and the program will search for updates. This might fix your driver problem, but Windows update is not the best tool to use if you want to find missing or replace corrupted drivers. Windows update will search it’s approved driver database to find updates for existing drivers or updates for missing drivers, but only if it has a signature for them.

2. Use the DVD that came with your hardware device. The drivers that you got when you bought your printer, soundcard or other device can help you fix driver problems. These drivers might not be of the latest versions, but sometimes it works anyway. If you got problems with your internet connection, then its’ a good idea to use the drivers that came with your network card, you need an internet connection to search for driver updates.

3. Go to the hardware manufacturer’s website and search for driver updates. Usually you can find the right and the newest driver versions on the manufacturer’s website. They don’t want to put time and money into customer support, so they have tutorials, programs and drivers available on their website. Make sure you buy hardware devices from known manufacturer’s, then you will have access to driver updates for a long time.

4. Use a driver tool. If you have a lot of internal and external programs and devices, then it could be a good idea to use a tool that can help you keep your drivers updated, and to find, replace and remove drivers. Driver detective is a software that searches for missing drivers and driver updates specific to your computer’s hardware. It can also make backup copies of your drivers, so you can restore your drivers fast if something happens. Driver detective is something to consider if you want to protect your computer from driver problems.

Finding missing drivers is not a problem if you know which hardware manufacturer that created your device, they want to make sure they have happy customers, so they usually provide all the programs and drivers you need. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which driver you need to replace or update, then a driver tool is a good idea to use. I hope you like my guide, and if you do, please share it with your friends.

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