How To Create Password For Folder

Protecting your folders with passwords can be a good idea if you have personal files and documents you don’t want to share with others. If you use a computer that many people got access to, then you should not only password protect your folders, but also password protect your user login account. You will never know what’s going to happen if your files get’s in the wrong hands, so it’s a much better idea to protect your files so these problems can’t occur.

Lock Your Folders

How To Password Protect A Folder!

An easy way to password protect a folder is to use winzip, winrar or 7-zip which is free, and add a password to the archived file. This method is not very convenient because you have to extract the zip or rar file every time you want access to your files and documents. But if you want to have a very strong password protection, then it’s not a bad idea to use this method if you don’t have any problems with extracting files all the time. But if you don’t like to zip and unzip files each time you want to read a document, then there are other ways.

There are programs you can use to password protect folders. I haven’t found a reliable program that’s free but Folder Lock is a good program to use to prevent other’s to access your folders. It might be a bit annoying to invest in a file and folder security tool, but security is not something to take lightly. Folder Lock got a 5 day free trial, so it gives you time to evaluate it and see if it suits your needs before you invest anything.

What Is Folder Lock?

Folder LockFolder Lock is a data security program that encrypts files, lock files and securely backup files etc. It uses a very strong 256-bit encryption technology and all your data will still be encrypted when you are accessing your files. Folder Lock uses memory to decrypt files so there will be no trace left, which means that no one can recover the files. You can password protect any folder, file or program of your choice and also your portable devices such a USB flash memory or an external hard drive.

Folder Lock got many more features. You can make secure backups of your encrypted files and you can make wallets that helps you keep financial information such as credit cards and bank accounts protected. The Shred Files feature is a great tool that can permanently delete files on your computer, it can even remove recoverable deleted files in an empty part of your hard disk. Folder Lock is a toolbox full of features that will help you to keep your files safe. If you want to know more about Folder Lock, you can check out their website here!

Windows got no built-in feature that can help you to password protect files and folders, so if you want to fix it, you need a third party program. Whatever tool you decide to use, it’s important that you organize your passwords so you don’t forget or accidentally delete them.

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  1. Mahaveer at 4:09 pm #

    I had heard about passwords for zipped files, but never thought it was possible to password protect a folder. Though I really wanted it many times. Now I got a solution. Thanks.
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    • Eric at 4:27 pm #

      I was very happy to find a solution for my folders but I wanted it free but sometimes it’s necessary to invest in a program. To password files using 7-zip is also a good idea and that’s free.

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