How To Backup Your Computer System

To protect your pictures, documents and files from a computer hard disk crash or a virus infection is easy, the hardest part is to remember to do it before it’s too late. To backup files to an external hard disk or a USB flash drive is a quick way to secure your important files. An external storage device is not safe against bad weather, fire or burglaries but apart from that, it’s great and you should use it as one option in your arsenal of backup units.

External Backup Storage

What Is Cloud Backup?

There are many online backup services that can store your important files in the cloud. Cloud Storage is a network of databases with one master control unit and several storage servers. Hosting companies that have large data centers can backup your files across multiple servers, you can access the cloud through an API, a web-based interface or a cloud storage gateway. If you decide to use a cloud storage service, make sure you choose a well known hosting company with a good reputation, because cloud hosting is not more secure than the hosting company servers.

How To Create A System Image Disc In Windows!

It’s always a good idea to create a system image disc. The first thing you should do after installing a fresh copy of Windows is to create a system image disk. You can still do it later but a fresh copy of Windows is more clean and the image file will be smaller. Click Start – Accessories – Getting Started – Back up your files. Click “Create a system image” and choose which option that suits you best and click next and then “Start Backup”. The time it takes to create an image will vary depending on your system and which unit you are backing it up to.

How To Create A System Repair Disc In Windows!

Problems with Windows can occur when you least expect it, that’s why you should create a recovery disc. Type “system repair disc” in the search box in the Start menu, click “Create a System Repair Disc” and insert a blank CD in your DVD drive and click “Create disc”. A CD is enough because a repair disc will only use 150MB of space. The System Repair Disc exists in Windows install disc but if you don’t have a Windows copy, this is an easy way to create your own recovery disc.

How To Choose The Right Backup!

It depends on your own needs. If you run a business with many important documents, its a good idea to use both cloud storage services and external storage devices, and maybe putting your backup units in a bank safe. But for the average computer user, backing up to an external hard disk and having recovery discs available is enough. If you want to use a cloud storage service, make sure that your internet connection is fast and stable.

It’s important to backup files, so don’t let laziness or a careless attitude get in your way. A backup is a cheap insurance against a system crash or a virus infection, so if you aren’t doing your backup duty today, it’s still time.

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