Do Registry Cleaners Work?

A quick search on your favorite search engine will show you a long list of registry cleaners. It’s a big industry, and not every registry cleaner does what it promises. Many people think that a registry cleaner will give their computer a very fast speed, but a registry cleaner’s main purpose is to fix errors and remove unneeded entires. A good registry cleaner can help you get a better speed but only if there’s more features available in the registry cleaner software.

Clean The Registry

The registry is a big database that contains thousands of entries, and to be able to fix an error, you need a professional registry cleaner that can scan and detect invalid and unneeded entries. To manually fix registry errors is not recommended if you don’t have enough skills, because going through registry folders without knowing where to look will only waste your time. Removing the wrong registry entry can stop programs from working and sometimes even stop Windows.

Where Can I Find A Good Registry Cleaner?

Many computer user’s are using CCleaner, which is a free tool. But you will not see any increased performance, no faster speed and no DLL error fix using this tool. CCleaner removes temporary internet files and scans the registry and removes empty unneeded entries, it’s a stable tool but no automatic registry backup feature is included, so if something goes wrong you can’t restore the registry. If you are using CCleaner, you need to manually backup the registry before running a cleanup process.

I don’t dislike CCleaner because it works much better than many other free registry cleaners. It doesn’t do any harm to the computer but it will not speed it up either. If you need a tool that can both remove registry errors and speed up your computer, Regcure Pro is a good tool to consider. It contains many more features than a free tool such as a computer startup times improvement feature and it stops unwanted processes, it manage restore points to save disk space, it removes active Malware and much more. You can read more about Regcure Pro here.

Why should I Use A Registry Cleaner?

There’s a lot of crap that are left over after uninstalling programs that can lead to problems down the line. To manually go through the registry takes much time and that’s why registry cleaners were created. Professional computer users can fix many computer problems without a tool but for most of us, we don’t have enough skills and time to mess with system files. Using a tool is a much faster and the easiest way to optimize the computer and remove errors, than to learn how to do it manually.

Blue screens of death, error pop ups, program crashes, the screen freezes and other serious system errors is not fixed with a free tool. It’s expensive to develop a software that can make changes in Windows, and that’s why professional tools are available. If you have computer problems, I don’t think it’s a great idea to waste time using free tools that only scrape the surface.

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