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How To Clean Up PC?

Clean Up PCA PC can get full of junk and that can cause a decrease in its speed and operating performance. Everyone wants their PC to load at a high speed but most PC users overlook that fact, or don’t have the knowledge that they must clean up their PC on a regular basis to get their PC to run at its maximum operating level. A PC is like an engine, and an engine needs maintenance to work in the long run.

There can be many things that make a PC slow, like too many programs installed or temporary files taking up hard disk space. Many users are always connected to the internet and as we visit different websites, the PC collect temporary internet files and over time these files are eating up hard disk space.

A new and error free PC will run like a dream, but over time, that dream can be a nightmare. More and more programs get installed, more files are stored and more processes are starting up at the same time. It can lead to a slow speed and the time it takes for the PC to boot can increase from 30 seconds to five minutes or more. It is important to uninstall and remove programs that are not used to get more space, some programs will run in the background and that can cause your PC to operate slower. Make sure you empty your recycle bin , it is easy to forget but these files will eat up disk space too.

When you download files, the files will get stored in your hard disk but in no particular order. Parts of a file can be at one location and the other parts can be at another location. So, when you load a file it will take some time for your PC to locate all the parts of that file, and that makes your PC slow. To help your PC to find the files faster, you need to defrag your hard disks. When you do a disk defragmentation, all the parts of a file will get placed at the same location and your PC can load the file faster. It’s a good idea to do a disk defragmentation on a regular basis because as time goes by new files are added.

Windows registry errors can slow down your PC. The registry is a very important part of Windows operating system. The registry is the operating central that gives order and control which processes and applications that run. If the registry is damage, the whole system can shut down, so it’s very important to clean the registry on a regular basis. An average PC user should clean the registry every three month. Many things can happen to the registry, new installations can change settings in the registry and cause a conflict with other applications and processes. To clean up PC is not difficult, there are many softwares available, so to fix registry problems doesn’t have to be hard.

Old drivers or corrupted drivers can cause serious problems for your PC. Drivers that are not up to date might get inactive and stop programs from working properly and mess up the system registry. If you have many programs installed, it’s easy to forget to update them because you hardly use them, but some programs still runs in the background and can conflict with other programs. When some programs stop working or crashes, then it’s time to update the drivers. Searching for new drivers can get time consuming but there are driver detective softwares that can scan your system and download the latest drivers, a driver detective is a big time saver.

To protect your PC from malware attacks, it is very important to have updated antivirus and spyware destroyers installed. A malware can really slow down your PC speed and cause damage to files and the registry. A malware is the short description for malicious software, and if you get a malware into your PC system it can cause some serious trouble for you. A malware can get it hands on banking details and passwords and even break down your hard disk if it’s a serious attack. So to clean up PC and remove malware is extremely important, and the best way to do it is to get premium protection. Free antivirus and spyware destroyers might not give you full protection, but there is a lot of good premium softwares that can destroy and remove malicious files.

A PC is a complex machine and a lot of things can go wrong, but there is no need to get scared because almost everything can be repaired. Hardware that fails can be replaced and corrupted programs can be reinstalled. Personal settings, private information and important files might get lost if you have a hard disk crash, so don’t forget to backup all your important files. It doesn’t take so much effort to protect your PC from inside failure and outside attack, use common sense and never give away passwords, click on suspicious files or visit strange websites.

To wrap things up a bit, to clean a PC is not difficult, you don’t need to be a PC professional or something like that to perform a system scan or uninstall programs. If you need help, there are many registry cleaners, Windows repair tools, driver detectives and malware removal softwares available that can scan your system and remove problems. A free way to make your PC run a bit faster is to always empty the recycle bin, uninstall programs you never use, defrag you hard disks and delete unimportant files. Make sure you have a good virus protection installed and updated to its latest version, you can never be too safe when you are online.

If you need more information on how to improve your PC performance, fix registry problems and how to fix device driver issues, visit the top registry cleaners review and read more about the best registry cleaners online. Remember, to get a good PC speed you need a healthy PC.

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3 Responses to Clean Up PC

  1. Cheryl at 10:26 pm #

    I have had some issues lately with my computer running slow. You suggested some great tips and advice. I cleaned out my files on my hard drive, ran the disk defragmenter, cleaned my registry, and eliminated any startup programs. After all this, my computer is running quicker.

  2. Sam Hunt at 6:18 pm #

    You know I tried these tips, but don’t feel confident with my computer knowledge to know that I actually made a difference in my PC performance. You both are aware of some of the registry cleaning software that is out there. Sorry, but I had to go that route. Just no time for troubleshooting. I set the PC SpeedBoost™ to auto schedule and it does just about everything on your list here. What are your thoughts on tools available to get similar outcome?

    • Eric at 1:43 pm #

      PS Speed Boost and PC Health Boost seems like the same product. PC Health Boost 3.0 is very helpful for computer users that need help cleaning up their PC’s.

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