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Switch Off Power Safe Mode

How To Turn Off Power Safe Mode

The power safe mode is a Windows option that saves energy costs, and if you use a Laptop, you might extend its battery life. The power safe mode automatically turns on when your computer is being idle for a designated amount of time. Windows got power options, so you can set the time after your […]

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Internet Connection Speed

How To Make Internet Connection Faster

When loading a website in your browser, you want it to load in seconds. But when it doesn’t, it’s incredibly frustrating. Even more frustrating is when it takes forever to download a small software file to your computer. Problems with a slow internet connection is a very common problem and many things can cause this […]

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How To Get Rid Of Malware

You don’t have to be an inexperienced computer user to get infected by malware. It can happen to anyone, even the top computer technicians can fall victims of nasty malware. A malware can cause a lot of problems and it’s very important to get rid of it as soon as possible. Malware is a devious […]

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No Sound On My Computer

How To Fix The Sound On Computer

No sound on the computer is an irritating problem, maybe no audio device where found or you just forgot to enable some important settings. Usually these types of problems are easy to solve. First You need to look at the most likely cause of your sound problem such as the speaker cables are not connected […]

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