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Zemana AntiLogger

How To Detect Keyloggers

What Is A Keylogger? A keylogger is a software that capture and records keyboard keystrokes, logging screenshots and capture things that has been copied to the clipboard. All keyloggers are not Trojans or malware that’s harmful to your computer. Some keylogger programs can be really useful, such as password managers and screen capture programs. Keyloggers […]

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Upgrade To Windows 8

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

The new operating system from Microsoft is the most changed Windows versions since Windows95. Compare to Xp, vista and 7, Windows 8 is a new platform which focus more on touch screen and Smartphone features. It is still a desktop system but can be used for tablets and other touch screen devices. If you are […]

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USB Flash Drive

How To Fix USB Flash Drives

A USB flash drive is a very convenient way to store, copy and save files fast, without having to use a big external hard drive every time you want to copy or backup a file. But sometimes a USB flash drive get problems and files get corrupted, the storage space get limited or the USB […]

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Computer Virus

How To Remove Virus

There are many different types of computer viruses and some of them is annoying and others can destroy your computer system. A virus can duplicate itself and infect a lot of files in your computer, and that could lead to a lot of problems. It’s very important to detect and remove the virus as fast […]

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Hardware Need Drivers

How To Remove Corrupted Drivers

A corrupted driver or incompatible driver could cause many problems. Usually, you can fix this problem by updating your current software version, with an automatic update option or by going to the manufacturer’s website and get it from there. Sometimes a driver is used by more than one software, so you need to update all […]

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The Windows Registry

How To Clean The Registry

You can clean the registry manually or with a registry cleaner tool. If you have experience and know how to fix ActiveX and registry entry problems, than doing it manually should not be any problem. But if you don’t know how to change system settings and fix errors in the Windows registry, then you should […]

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Computer Speed Meter

How To Make A Computer Faster

To make a computer run faster is a common question, but to get a good answer is not easy. There are many reasons why a computer is slow, and to find a solution to your own specific problem could take time. But before you run to your phone or take your car to the closest […]

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Write Protection

How To Remove Write Protection

The write protection feature is a great way to secure your files, folders and documents etc. But it can also cause problems if you need to change things or remove files. To remove the write protection is usually very easy, but sometimes errors, settings and other related problems can occur and it can seem impossible […]

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missing drivers

How To Find Missing Drivers

A PC driver is a small software that tells your operating system to connect to hardware devices such as printers and external hard disks etc. If you got corrupted drivers or older drivers, your computer doesn’t know how to connect with the hardware and you can’t print or back up your documents or listen to […]

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How To Fix runDLL Error

Getting a runDLL error on startup is pretty common. The reason for this is because a program can’t get access to a certain code, corrupted registry entries or a malware has infected your computer. The message “The specified module could not be found” is usually the error message you will see. When a DLL file […]

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