full hard disks

How To Cleanup Winsxs

What is eating up my hard disk space when I don’t download anything or installing any new programs? Well, a folder in Windows called Winsxs could be the source of the problem. The Winsxs folder stores multiple copies of drivers in order to make multiple programs run without any compatibility problems. My own Winsxs folder […]

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Spyapp Removal

Android Spyware Removal

To protect your Smartphone or tablet against Spyware is important. Every device that is connected to the internet could get infected with Virus, Spyware and other Malware. Many people got a strong computer security but they tend to forget to protect their other devices properly, but a Spyware developer doesn’t care about the operating system […]

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Registry Entry

How To Remove Registry Entries

To remove registry entries is very risky and nothing that you should do unless you have to. Removing the wrong entry can cause system errors or even a total Windows crash. Most computer users remove registry entries to get rid of Spyware, viruses and other malware, but if you don’t know where the problem is […]

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Zemana AntiLogger

How To Detect Keyloggers

What Is A Keylogger? A keylogger is a software that capture and records keyboard keystrokes, logging screenshots and capture things that has been copied to the clipboard. All keyloggers are not Trojans or malware that’s harmful to your computer. Some keylogger programs can be really useful, such as password managers and screen capture programs. Keyloggers […]

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Lock Your Folders

How To Create Password For Folder

Protecting your folders with passwords can be a good idea if you have personal files and documents you don’t want to share with others. If you use a computer that many people got access to, then you should not only password protect your folders, but also password protect your user login account. You will never […]

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Fix Power Supply

My Computer Wont Turn On

What happened? Why can’t I start my computer? Well, this can be a strange problem but don’t panic, because you can fix it. There are a few things that you need to check if you can’t turn on your computer, the start button on the computer case might have a broken spring or the power […]

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antivirus protection

Free Antivirus Comparison

There are many free antivirus programs available online these days, but to choose the right one can be a bit difficult because it’s very important to get a strong protection. Giving your computer a good protection against viruses and other malware is nothing you should take lightly, because a virus can give your computer system […]

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Broken AVI File

How To Repair Broken AVI Files

Broken video files are a common problem and it can be very irritating if you have downloaded a big video file and it won’t start. Fixing broken AVI files manually is not easy and if you have no video coding experience, then you need a software to fix your video files. A very common problem […]

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How To Create Strong Passwords

A strong password for your email, website, payment solutions and other private accounts is extremely important. A poor password can give you a lot of problems and also hurt your personal life such as a hacked website and lost money. If you run a website with your own product, as an affiliate or as an […]

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Upgrade To Windows 8

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

The new operating system from Microsoft is the most changed Windows versions since Windows95. Compare to Xp, vista and 7, Windows 8 is a new platform which focus more on touch screen and Smartphone features. It is still a desktop system but can be used for tablets and other touch screen devices. If you are […]

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