Password Protect A USB Drive

How To Password Protect A USB Drive

It’s a good idea to password protect your USB drive or other external storage devices if you don’t want the wrong people to see your files. There are a couple of ways this can be done, and you have to choose if you want to do it the most convenient way or do it a […]

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Registry Wizard PC Health Report

Registry Wizard – Registry Cleaner Review

When a computer is having problems and the speed is going down, you can usually find the problem in the registry. The Windows registry is a database that stores settings and options and as long as you install, update and download files and programs, the registry is also updated. Even a Windows update can cause […]

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Cooling My Computer

How To Cool A Computer

It’s very important to keep your computer temperatures within the right range. If your computer get’s overheated, hardware parts can be destroyed or your computer’s lifetime is shortened drastically. It’s not hard to prevent a computer from getting too hot but to know if your computer is in the danger zone might not be so […]

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Speed Up My Computer

What Makes A Computer Slow?

Problems with the computer speed is a very common issue and almost every computer user have experienced or will experience it. Usually it’s pretty easy to locate and fix these problems, but sometimes it takes a bit more time, patience and knowledge to fix it. Many people think that more RAM or a hardware upgrade […]

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TuneUp Utilities Review

TuneUp Utilities Review

To increase the computer performance, clean away system clogging clutter or repair registry errors without a tool is hard. Many computer users got at least one of these issues but to find the right tool that can take care of a particular computer problem and future problems is not easy to find. Tuneup Utilities describe […]

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Windows USB Drive

How To Install Windows From A USB Drive

To use a USB drive to install a new Windows version is a great idea if you run out of DVD-r discs or your new computer doesn’t use a DVD drive. There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to use a USB drive and it’s not very complicated to make a bootable USB […]

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Registry Cleaning

Is It Safe To Use A Registry Cleaner?

A registry cleaner from a known source that have good reviews and have been in the registry cleaner industry for a long time is safe to use. If a registry tool developer puts harmful codes in their software’s they will soon be out of business, so if you decide to clean or repair your registry […]

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External Backup Storage

How To Backup Your Computer System

To protect your pictures, documents and files from a computer hard disk crash or a virus infection is easy, the hardest part is to remember to do it before it’s too late. To backup files to an external hard disk or a USB flash drive is a quick way to secure your important files. An […]

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Data Recovery Pro Download

Data Recovery Pro Review

Deleting the wrong files such as important documents and business e-mails is frustrating but it could also be an expensive mistake. To press the wrong button and erase music albums, family photos and personal videos are a disaster that can ruin anyones day, and everyone can accidentally remove a file but most people don’t know […]

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PC Upgrade Parts

How To Upgrade My PC

To replace old PC parts is a very good idea, if you want to give your old PC a new life. It’s not necessary to buy a new computer each time a graphic update or a new game is available. You can save money by only replacing or adding the parts that’s needed to improve […]

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