RadarSync Pc Updater

Radarsync PC Driver Updater

To update drivers can be both time consuming and a hard task. Sometimes the manufacturer doesn’t have the right drivers available or you don’t know which version or number your outdated device has. That’s where Radarsync PC Updater comes in. This little software finds and updates device drivers automatically and also perform regular scans so […]

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Doc Lock

Password Protect Folders With Doc Lock – A Doc Lock Review

Protecting your files and folders against identity thieves or from other curious eyes is easy. With Doc Lock protection, you can password protect your folders and set your mind at ease. In this modern world, we store everything on our PC, laptop or other portable devices which include personal files, financial files and account details […]

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Clean The Registry

Do Registry Cleaners Work?

A quick search on your favorite search engine will show you a long list of registry cleaners. It’s a big industry, and not every registry cleaner does what it promises. Many people think that a registry cleaner will give their computer a very fast speed, but a registry cleaner’s main purpose is to fix errors […]

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Corrupted Hard Drive

How To Recover Files From A Corrupted Hard Drive

When a hard drive stops working, it’s easy to panic because most of us have a lot of personal and business files stored in our computer’s. But there are ways to recover files from a corrupted or formatted hard drive, and before you pick up the phone and call an expensive computer service, you should […]

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Computer Virus

10 Tips To Protect Your Computer Against Viruses

I guess you already know that a computer virus can really harm your computer and give you a bad experience. And to prevent that from happening you need to know how to stop viruses. A virus can consume a lot of memory and CPU resources which will make your computer slow, it can delete important […]

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Diagnose Hardware

List Of Hardware Diagnostic Tools

To check your hardware without a tool is very difficult and for most computer users it’s impossible. There are free hardware diagnostic tools available that can help you check RAM, Hard disks, hardware temperatures etc. If you having problems to start your computer or other problems that you suspect having to do with hardware parts […]

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How To Fix ActiveX Errors

An ActiveX control is a small software that Windows use when you browse the internet with Explorer or use interactive programs over the internet. Other browsers such as Firefox don’t use ActiveX controls, but you need to think about it anyway. ActiveX is used to get a better browser experience and to allow animation and […]

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PC Mover

How To Transfer Files To New Computer

Buying a new computer is often a very funny thing, but to transfer files and programs is not that fun. A new computer usually has a bigger hard drive or even a SSD drive which is faster than an old HDD drive, and you will get a better computer experience with a faster computer. When […]

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Windows 7 Startup Program

How To Disable Startup Programs In Windows 7

Having too many startup programs running will slow down Windows boot time, and it is very frustrating to wait forever for a computer to start, especially when you’re in a hurry and need to do things fast. You can disable, change and choose which programs you want to run when Windows starts, using the system […]

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My Computer Works Better

How To Make Your Computer Work Better

If your computer is getting old, it takes forever to start Windows and its performance is very slow, then it’s time for an upgrade. But don’t run to the computer store and buy a brand-new computer, you can save some money and extend your computer’s life with some easy improvements. If one part in your […]

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